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About company

Who of men does not dream of seeing the sunrise or sunset in the saddle of a motorcycle? Not to stop over, but just stay alone with the road, think of life, look for answers, enjoy the wind and disappearing sun.


The company founder’s dream has come true. One day, Maxim Privezentsev, the future founder and owner of Total Flame Cigars, discovered that he wanted to combine two passions: cigars and motorcycles. Then, he decided to create premium cigars, which would be rolled of the best tobaccos in the world, so, he went around all the five continents on his motorcycle.


One of the goals was reached in 2010. The first blends and cigars were born – Maxim went to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua in order to find the ideal combination of tobaccos for his cigars. Tasting the best cigar tobaccos for several months, he finally got satisfied and convinced that then created cigars were the best ones.


Ge returned to Russia in order to create here a company, which would distribute and sell the cigars in Russia only at the beginning. Having a small, but efficient, team, he managed to become the first and the best company among Russian cigar companies and gain recognition far beyond the borders of the country.


The first step was taken. In 2011, Maxim went on a round-the-world tour on Harley-Davidson Sportster 883, starting from the Red Square in Moscow on October 15, 2011. From there, the journey was launched to Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, China, Mongolia and finally returned to Russia! The journey took 276 days. Through the rain, snow, hail, heat, cold, frost, beetles, kangaroos, iguanas, having experienced all the vicissitudes of the road, he drove around the world on the motorcycle, making one more of his dreams come true.


Maxim came back different from his journey, having enriched himself through the experience of travels and having seen and appreciated everything that the life can offer, this gave him inner peace and new understanding of the world.


He hopes that thousands of followers of this journey will look for and smoke Total Flame cigars in order to feel the taste of freedom while tasting premium tobacco again and again. The taste of a full and rich life, like enveloping smoke, which comes from the burning heart of a professional smoker.


The company founder did something more than just fulfilled his dream. Total Flame is a lifestyle. Total Flame cigars are made for those who breathe the beauty of life, for whom the road is pleasure.


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