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The project of the TOTAL FLAME brand has mainly been provided by the production. The factories La Aurora (Dominican Republic) and Plasencia (Nicaragua) are common names in the cigar market. Age-old traditions along with modern marketing make them primus inter pares (first among equals). They are outstanding due to their rich collections composed of tobacco from their own plantations and some unique specimens from other well-known farms. The mere fact of admission to such a bank means the acquisition of reputational capital.


Having acceded to the inner circle of respected houses, ТOTAL FLAME decided on the main lines of its brand. ‘Bright Line’ is made at the factory Plasencia (Nicaragua), ‘Dark Line’ – at the factory La Aurora (Dominican Republic).


In 2016, TOTAL FLAME enlarged its production. Always faithful to the Old School traditions, it turned to Russia. The Pogar Cigar and Cigarette Factory was selected as a partner.


Having precisely reproduced the classic TOTAL FLAME blend, the factory, 70 years later, rediscovered the pleasure of torcedor handwork. The Russian version of cigars ‘Total Flame Opposite’ symbolized the successful continental transition of the family tobaccos Plasencia and Leone to the workshops of the Central Russia, while the production in the domestic territory provided the exponential growth of the TOTAL FLAME business model.


The next extravagant step from TOTAL FLAME revealed the long-awaited expectations of new forms in the industry. TOTAL FLAME offered the market a synthesis of cigars and hookahs: hookah tobacco ‘Hookah Cigars Original’. With the help of innovative technologies, two flagship blends by TOTAL FLAME composed a hookah blend.


Today, ‘Hookah Cigars Original’ is the main intrigue for both the Russian and foreign markets. TOTAL FLAME is planning to produce hookah tobacco in Europe, the USA and Asia. Within the frame of the project From Russia with Love, the TOTAL FLAME Company is developing other trends in the industry. In October 2017, papirosa tubes ‘Dragster’ for rolling tobacco were launched in the US market. The nostalgic theme of Russian papirosas became the actual stylization for rolling tobacco.

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