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Every year in the middle of summer, the ancient town of Suzdal welcomes the most mass scale blues-bike festival in Russia, uniting fans of motorcycles, travel and good music.
Performances and jams of the best musicians from all over the world, gathering of friends and like-minded people, competitions, prizes and fun – everything, which is so precious to the heart of a connoisseur of motorcycles and blues, is implemented on the hot days of the annual international Blues-Bike Festival SUZDAL.
Event locations
Suzdal, ul. Korovniki, 42, Hotel Tourist Complex


The first Blues-Bike Festival  in Suzdal took place in 2008. Today, this is one of the brightest music events of the motor season. In 2011 the BLUES-BIKE FESTIVAL SUZDAL became international, since then it regularly gathers more than 3,000 guests from different countries to immerse themselves in the friendly atmosphere of the long-awaited meeting on the way. Two days in midsummer on the picturesque bank of the river Kamenka are reigned by blues and motorcycles – all without which life can seem strange.

The best Russian and foreign bluesmen take part in the music program.

During the festival, there are held contests and competitions with luxurious prizes and memorable awards. The traditional Custom Show takes place among the main events of the festival. The carefully organized show allowed the festival to become one of the recognized centers of Russian customization. In different years, there were exhibited works by prize-winners of American and European custom shows, motor-masterpieces from Fine Custom Mechanics, Orekhovo-Custom, Yuri Shif, Fitil...

Fascinating motor-travels, as well as motorcycle tours in slow distraction around the picturesque vicinities of the Vladimir-Suzdal Princedom constitute an integral part of the two-day holiday. In 2014, the exciting Lotto Run theme rally took place for the first time in the festival history. Now, the unique motor quest based on iconic bike films is the annual adventure, which allows not only coming to the festival, but also winning a nice cash prize.


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