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Spokes, Single Vitolas


Format: Panatela

Length: 5 "

Ring gauge: RG 32

Spokes - rating
Spokes - flag Nicaragua

Single Vitolas

Manufacturer: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan panatela SPOKES contains tobacco from the volcanic island Ometepe located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua in Nicaragua.
Tight rolling, neat and beautiful brown cover. Ashes hold well. Draft is comfortable, but not too easy. It does not require hurried smoking; to the contrary, it invites to have a short break, to go – though for the shortest period of time – out of the circle of hurried and fussy life.

An unfired panatela has a light peppery taste and delicate aroma.
Despite its small size, the cigar is not boring at all. It is alien to monotony, rich in nuances and develops interestingly.
The strength is medium (3 out of 5) but quite serious for such a format of cigar. The cigar development is like a blues-rock guitar solo, when the sound is climbing up and the wind is getting stronger. It has a lot of freedom and sun.

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